In the wake of multiplayer frustrations, Modern Warfare 2 players have threatened to boycott CoD 2023

In the wake of multiplayer frustrations, Modern Warfare 2 players have threatened to boycott CoD 202 ...

Activision has stated that a premium CoD version will be released in 2023, but Modern Warfare 2 players have suggested that they may skip it altogether due to concerns over the lack of multiplayer content.

Many fans wondered if 2023 would be the first year since 2004 that Treyarch's next Call of Duty game would be postponed until 2024.

Activision has stated repeatedly that a "premium release" of Modern Warfare 2 would be released in 2023, apparently developed by Sledgehammer Games. The release, according to sources, will be a significant expansion of Modern Warfare 2, with additional multiplayer maps and single-player gameplay.

Fans have claimed that they will not purchase Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, which will include the return of the Gun Game.

'frosstyy' a Reddit user posted a comment on the MW2 subreddit, accusing the developers of "abandoning" the paid multiplayer in favor of Warzone 2, and urging players to avoid this year's entry.

The prospect of a full premium release this fall, based on how disgruntled and lackluster the content in this game has been, is alarming. “If this 2023 release is some BS like [a] MW3 Remastered expansion pack as a glorified map pack, we HAVE TO BOYCOTT [the] release,” said the OP.

Modern Warfare 2 players have repeatedly expressed their concerns over how little new content has been added since the launch, and some believe that this 'premium' release might explain why the developers have been retaliating.

"It's a f**king scam, intended to get as much money as possible from us through microtrans and drip-feeding content in order to keep as many people engaged and spending as possible," said 'didyeay.'

Others favored the idea of skipping the new content in favor of waiting for Treyarch's game in 2024.

“I’m fairly certain I will NOT purchase anything this company imposes upon us later this year,” said one reply. “I'll take a break from CoD or just keep playing this game without any 'Premium' content.”

There is no official word on what CoD 2023 will be like. It may also be a brand-new game developed by Sledgehammer.

Activision is expected to reveal their plans in the next months, so stay tuned for further updates.

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