Dates, file size, platforms, and more: How to Preload Atomic Heart

Dates, file size, platforms, and more: How to Preload Atomic Heart ...

Atomic Heart's vast world is waiting to be explored, and players may preload the game two weeks before its official release. Here's all you need to know about how to preload Atomic Heart.

When Atomic Heart comes out on February 21, players will be able to explore its long history in a vast open world of a different reality Soviet Union.

In the world of Atomic Heart, you'll still have the chance to acquire deadly weapons and defeat a slew of hostile opponents. Here's how to get the game to preload.

  • How to preload Atomic Heart on Xbox
  • How to preload Atomic Heart on PlayStation
  • Can you preload Atomic Heart on PC?

How to Get Atomic Heart on Xbox

If you have already purchased Atomic Heart on Xbox Series S|X, it will automatically preload right now, provided you have auto-updates turned on. If you do not, you can visit the Game Pass library and pre-add Atomic Heart.

On Xbox Series X, the Atomic Heart update will have 78.66GB of storage, so make sure you have enough space. If you don't have enough space, you'll first need to delete unnecessary apps and files that are taking up space.

How to Preload Atomic Heart on PlayStation

While the authors haven't confirmed when you may preload Atomic Heart on PlayStation, it will most likely be on February 18, three days before the release date. The loading procedure for the Xbox version is similar to that for the PlayStation version.

Here's what you need to do:

Is it possible to preload Atomic Heart on your PC?

At the time of writing, it was unclear whether or not you may preload Atomic Heart on your PC. We'll update this piece as soon as that information is officially confirmed by the developers.

It makes sense why the file size is so large, considering the fact that Atomic Heart is available to play.

Preloading the game right now will reduce the amount of updates that must be downloaded on launch day. Regardless, you'll still need to install the day-one patch when Atomic Heart's release date arrives.

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