FIFA 23 Road to the Final: Expected start date, upgrades explained, and more

FIFA 23 Road to the Final: Expected start date, upgrades explained, and more ...

According to leaks, FIFA 23 Road to the Final might be the next Ultimate Team promo. So, here's all you need to know about FIFA 23 Road to the Final, including a breakdown of how the upgrades work.

In recent weeks, FIFA 23 promotions have gotten loud and fast. Team of the Year started 2023 off to a great start, before Future Stars kept the momentum going with even more special cards and SBCs.

The next event is never too distant, and leakers have suggested that the popular Road to the Final promotion may be repeated next year, just in time for European competitions to resume.

From the expected start date and how the cards will be upgraded, here's everything you need to know about FIFA 23 Road to the Final.

Is there a FIFA 23 pathway to the Final Start Date?

The Road to the Final promo from EA SPORTS is yet to be announced, so there is currently no official launch date. However, we anticipate it to begin on Friday, February 17, 2023.

FUT Sheriff, a FIFA 23 leaker, claimed that various RTTF cards had been added to the database, indicating that the promo will be released "soon." Future Stars is expected to be a two-week event, making this the next free week on the calendar.

The 27th of February will mark the return of real-life European fixtures, so it would make sense to release the cards around this time.

FIFA 23's Journey to the Finale is explained.

FIFA 23 Road to the Final are live items that increase their rating depending on how far a player goes in their respective European competition, in the same vein as the Path to Glory promo earlier in the season.

Every time a player advances to a new round of the Champions League, Europa League, or Europa Conference League, they will receive a rating boost that will boost their in-game stats. The further they progress, the better the card gets.

FIFA 23's RTTF hasn't been revealed yet by EA, but we can use the previous year's upgrade structure as a guide. Cards would earn a +10 rating for each of the following milestones:

  • First knockout game win after campaign launch
  • Qualify for the Quarter-Finals
  • Qualify for the Semi-Finals
  • Qualify for the Final
  • Win the tournament

The best part is, the player depicted in the card does not have to participate in the matches to be eligible for upgrades. So, even if they don't kick a ball in the tournament, they can still have an incredible rating if their team wins the championship.

So, this is all we know so far about FIFA 23's Road to the Final. We'll be sure to update this page with all the latest information as soon as they're released.

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