PachiMarchi in Overwatch 2: Start Date, New Game Mode, Skins, and More

PachiMarchi in Overwatch 2: Start Date, New Game Mode, Skins, and More ...

The popular onion mascot from Overwatch 2 Season 3 has returned, inspired by fans' favorite food mascot. Here's an overview of the Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi event, including the start date and new game modes.

Season 3 of Overwatch is now up, and it's expected to be the most busy season to date in the hero shooter. The update also includes a brand-new Antarctic Peninsula map, and Blizzard has announced a One Punch Man crossover as well as the Loverwatch Dating Sim.

PachiMarchi, a popular event from Overwatch that focused on Pachimari, the adorable onion-like creature found around the game's maps, is coming back.

Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi has all you need to know about it.

  • Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi start date
  • Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi skins
  • Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi new game mode

PachiMarchi's start date for Overwatch 2

As confirmed by the Season 3 roadmap, Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi will begin on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.

The event will last two weeks before coming to an end on April 4, requiring players to act quickly in order to get all of the rewards available.

PachiMarchi skins for Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, just one new skin has been revealed for the PachiMarchi event — the iconic Pachimari outfit for Roadhog. This charming cosmetic can be obtained by solving a series of in-game challenges before becoming a Tank hero.

We're anticipating even more skins to be available for purchase from the store, provided PachiMarchi stays true to his Overwatch 2 methods. However, we're still unsure how these will appear or which heroes they'll be applied to.

Six PachiMarchi player icons, a weapon charm, and a name card will be available for grabs from Blizzard, along with a player icon that will be added as a login bonus.

PachiMarchi is a new game mode in Overwatch 2.

A new Kill Confirmed LTM is being developed by the developers to commemorate the return of PachiMarchi in Overwatch 2. No specifics have been released, but we expect it to look similar to the Call of Duty playlist of the same name.

When a player is dropped, he or she leaves a tag that must be collected to confirm the kill and score a point. Other members of your team may find the tag if you can't get back to where the enemy died.

Teammates may also earn their own tag to keep the other team from getting a kill, so it's important to keep an eye on how the rest of your crew performs in battle.

As the starting date for Overwatch 2 PachiMarchi approaches, more information is expected, so be sure to check back here often.

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