Season 16 Legend buffs and nerfs of Apex Legends

Season 16 Legend buffs and nerfs of Apex Legends ...

Season 16 of Apex Legends will bring some significant changes to the battle royale, including various upgrades and nerfs for Legends. Here are some of the Legends balance improvements that will be implemented in Season 16.

Despite not introducing a new Legend to the roster as usual, Apex Legends Season 16 is expected to bring some exciting changes to the battle royale. Instead, the developers have decided to focus on developing and updating the core game, which has obviously resulted in various balance changes.

The Legends themselves have also been adjusted, as well as weapon changes such as the R-301 being nerfed and the new Nemesis AR being introduced. With that said, here are some highlights from the Apex Legends Season 16 update.

Season 16 of Apex Legends: Legend buffs and nerfs

The Apex Legends Season 16 update will include seven Legends, including Bloodhound, Seer, Wraith, Horizon, Mirage, Lifeline, and Pathfinder. Of course, all Legends were modified due to the new remastered Legend class system, but these Legends received significant balance changes.

In Apex Legends Season 16, the developers are attempting to address the scan meta, by adding enhancements to both Bloodhound and Seer.

  • Bloodhound’s Ultimate will no longer speed up tactical charge.
  • Players will now find white ravens around the map that fly in the direction of the nearest enemies when interacted with.
  • Seer’s Ultimate duration and cooldown has been increased.
  • Seer’s Passive Heartbeat Sensor now has a charge-up time, and it’s no longer constant, as you only get a scan when it pulses. The audio is now also much louder, making enemies more aware of Seer’s presence.
  • Accuracy on Horizon’s Gravity lift Tactical has been reduced.
  • The lift speed up on the Tactical has been increased slightly.
  • Wraith is able to place a portal twice as far as before Season 16, and will now speed up as she travels that extra distance with her Ultimate.
  • Pathfinder’s Ultimate Zipline range has been increased and the speed at which he goes on the zipline has been significantly increased.
  • After reviving, Mirage and his teammate will be cloaked for three seconds, but they will be unarmed. Drawing your weapon will immediately reveal your position.
  • When a clone is shot, the bamboozled enemy will now be tracked by an icon for a short time.
  • The slow penalty when Lifeline initiates a revive has been greatly reduced.
  • Increased drop speed and range of her Ultimate Care Package.
  • Valkyrie will no longer be able to scan enemy locations when skydiving from her Ultimate.

The Legends buffs and nerfs will be coming to Apex Season 16 in the next season: check out more handy guides below.

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