The PS Plus Premium Release of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is On The Way

The PS Plus Premium Release of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is On The Way ...

Another entry in Bend Studio's Syphon Filter series is all set to be released on PS Plus. Trophies for Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror have been published online, indicating a PS Plus Premium release soon.

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is now available on PS2 and PSP.

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror was originally released in 2006 for the PlayStation Portable and a year later for the PlayStation 2, so we don't know which version will be released for PS Plus. The full list of awards is as follows:


  • Make Your Own Fate: Unlock all trophies in Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Bronze: What's the difference between two?

  • Top Operative: Complete all training missions
  • These Are the Coordinates Ellis Sent: Complete ‘Insertion Point Alpha’
  • Interrogation’s Over: Complete ‘Red Jack’
  • What Is Red Section Doing Here?: Complete ‘Finding Freeman’
  • Power’s Back On: Complete ‘A Man Without Power’
  • New Uplink Installed: Complete ‘Freeman’s Files’

Silver: What's the Difference Between the Two?

  • Grounded. Permanently.: Complete ‘Under NORAD’s Nose’
  • That Was a Very Poorly Designed Bomb: Complete ‘Security Section D’
  • Blood and Oil: Complete ‘Kreisler’s Garden’
  • Dark Mirror Will Kill Us All: Complete ‘Freeman’s Answer’
  • Just Like Old Times: Complete ‘Old Friends’
  • I Remember a Lot of Things: Complete ‘Memories’
  • It Couldn’t Be That Easy: Complete ‘Forged Under Fire’
  • You Draw Too Much Attention as It Is: Complete ‘Traitors in Our Midst’
  • A Broken-Down Building Wont Stop Me: Complete ‘The Ultimate Sacrifice’
  • Gonna Need a Bigger Gun: Complete ‘The Trojan Horse’
  • Touchstone and Singularity: Complete ‘Fist Full of Rubles’

Gold: A Rare Gem

  • His Failure Will Be Expensive for All of Us: Complete ‘Blood Money’
  • Masters of Our Own Destiny: Complete ‘Meeting with Fate’
  • Similar Fates: Complete ‘Into the Abyss’
  • Shock to the System: Complete ‘Red Section’
  • Destroy It All: Complete ‘Drowning’
  • The Beginning of the End: Complete ‘Event Horizon’
  • Let Them Go: Complete ‘Matter’s End’