In the new Dave & Busters Roblox game, players dine, dash, and dodge

In the new Dave & Busters Roblox game, players dine, dash, and dodge ...

In the Dave & Buster World Roblox game, ding, ding! This fully immersive recreation brings all your favorite family-friendly entertainment to the blocky metaverse, including an amazing arcade midway, a new restaurant, and a whole slew of cool backgrounds to capture epic pictures of you and your pals.

Roblox Dave & Buster's World's collection of mad minigames invites you to join in on some arcade fun. Whether you're stumbling down the tracks in Superball Dash, battling your pals in the Full Tilt obstacle course, or zapping some Z's in Zombie Survival, it's sure to be a blast.

Climb the leaderboards and see who wins, earn tickets through the minigames and exchange them for in-game rewards at the Winner's Circle, and keep track of your status with your handy handy ticket buddy. Then, as you explore this incredible eatery and entertainment centre, you can grab a snack to keep you going, collect hidden bonuses or grab them from the concession stand, and uncover hidden gems.

Melon's World is intended to "completely capture the fun and interactive energy of a physical D&B," from the arcade to the prize shop. Watch the trailer for this exciting experience below.

Dave & Buster's World is already open for business, so go ahead and explore the arcade action today. Check out our Roblox games list, and be sure to grab some Roblox free items along the way with our Roblox promo codes and Roblox game codes.