The Metroid Prime Remaster is real, and it's available now

The Metroid Prime Remaster is real, and it's available now ...

Nintendo has just... announced the latter after years of rumors about a possible Metroid Prime Trilogy and recent rumors of a solitary Metroid Prime remaster. The digital version is now available for Nintendo Switch, with a physical version expected in March.

Metroid Prime Remaster includes new HD graphics as well as enhancements to the control scheme for the Switch's dual analog sticks, and there's even an option that closely resembles the Control of the GameCube original for a more traditional feel. Players new and old can explore Tallon IV and join Samus on her quest to liberate the planet of the Space Pirates, as well as uncover the mysteries of the Metroid menace.

The original Metroid Prime rewarded GameCube in 2001, providing the first 3D appearance for our favorite bounty hunter Samus Aran. Retro Studios, the original developer, is currently working on Metroid Prime 4, following the game's original announcement in 2017 and its public restart in 2019. With any luck, the release of the Metroid Prime Remaster signifies that the long-awaited fourth entry might soon surface.

With the teaser below, get a sneak peek at the Metroid Prime Remaster and discover why enthusiasts continue to fondly remember this space-fairing adventure so many years later.

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