What Is The Line, Anyway? Returns, It Wont Be With Original Cast: We Never Received Fair Compensation

What Is The Line, Anyway? Returns, It Wont Be With Original Cast: We Never Received Fair Compensatio ...

The cast of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" is asking a more crucial question: Where are the pay raises?

Colin Mochrie, who starred in over 50 episodes of the UK's first sketch improv series before founding the U.S. version along with Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, and host Drew Carey, revealed that the actors "never received residuals" from the long-running program.

The CW announced in 2013 that the show would finish its 20th season this year, while the CW deemed the info "crap."

“This is the last taping we have,” Mochrie told Vulture. “The cast loves each other, and the actual shooting is always enjoyable. We are all grateful that the program provided a showcase and allowed us to tour. The downside is that we never received fair compensation for the success of the program.”

"We provide the information, but we don't get paid as 'writers." Since its inception, we've never received residuals for a program that's been shown around the world. It's frustrating to hear announcements about the sale to the show overseas or to HBO Max."

'I hope I don't sound angry,' the comedian said, referring to the fact that I learned long ago that this business is not fair, and that being bitter about it gets you nowhere. 'You guys, bring that show back!' Every day for the last nine years, we've had to remind people that we are on the program. It's like the Mafia: Who knows?

"I often get offers where they always start with, We have no money," Mochrie said. "Those are the things I find the most interesting."

In November 2022, Mochrie said that "Whose Line" might continue because there is "always an opportunity for a new cast," while the original actors tour in "various versions."