Reese Witherspoon explained the plot of How Do You Know to a Plane Full of People?

Reese Witherspoon explained the plot of How Do You Know to a Plane Full of People? ...

Reese Witherspoon once gave an elevator pitch on a plane...literally.

After the in-flight movie player stalls, the rom-com queen explained to her fellow passengers the whole plot of her 2010 film "How Do You Know."

'What I'm going to be about today is starring Reese Witherspoon,' she explained during "Late Night With Seth Meyers."

"I was like, 'Oh my God,' Witherspoon said, before revealing one minor flaw. "Probably, about ten minutes into the inflight movie, it cut out, and the clip broke. I was like, 'Oh, guys.' I'm just going to walk you, beat by beat, through what happened."

Witherspoon described her role as a former U.S.A. softball champion who was drafted from the national team and finds herself caught in a love triangle between a fellow professional baseball player (Owen Wilson) and a corporate executive (Paul Rudd) with a suspicious business relationship.

Witherspoon said, "I'll go out with Owen Wilson." He's a professional baseball player, and you know it's gonna go south. "I've got this crazy great date with Paul Rudd, but his dad is asking him to go to jail for him because he's committed a crime."

"It was really fun and funny to be able to explain my whole movie plot to people in three minutes," she said.

"Your Place or Mine," Witherspoon's latest romantic comedy, is co-starring Ashton Kutcher, and will be available on Netflix on February 10th. "You know how some films can be frustrating because you don't realize how things are."

Kate Hudson, a fellow rom-com author, discussed how the genre has been "dumbed down" in recent years and the origins of the tropes.

Hudson said. "They need" an authentic story, so let's start with that." "I think sometimes people think rom-coms are all about the'meet cute.' A great rom-com is about meeting love, discovering love, falling in love, and then coming back together. That's a very traditional rom-com structure."