Season 4 of You Reimagine Itself Again as a Murder Mystery

Season 4 of You Reimagine Itself Again as a Murder Mystery ...

A playwright requires special skill to reintroduce a murderous stalker back to television.

"You" from Sera Gamble is returning on Netflix for a fourth season, which involves a surprising array of relationships and conflicts, with Part 2 streaming now. Badgley's surly antihero is the sole constant keeping everything together, making "You" a show that can reimagine itself so effectively and often. Despite being an irascible Joe Goldberg, Badgley knows exactly how to react to every change and guide the audience with his eyes, body language, and menacing

Joe goes on a "European vacation" (mostly in the now-dived United Kingdom) in search of his true love, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), who fled the United States after learning that Joe murdered her boyfriend. Not for the first time, Joe wants to put his past behind him, but old habits — like spying on the neighbors when she's alone — die hard.

Joe finds himself caught in an illustrious but deplorable social circle: London's hotshot nepo babies, with their wealthy parents, loyal bodyguards, and drugs and booze — as bereft of self-awareness as they emerge from the Quinn family in Season 2, a tension that has been boiling toward hatred ever since he met the Quinn family in Season 2. One by one, Joe's shiny new friends begin dying at the hands of a mysterious "Eat The Rich Kill

Season 4 of "You" features Tilly Keeper and Lukas Gage.

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"You"'s ensemble is stuffed with disposable two-dimensional figures, a move that may work because the show never pretends to be anything other than that. Tilly Keeper and Lukas Gage are two standout actors from the new cast. She's taken a back seat in later episodes, but likely in anticipation of a bigger role in Part 2.

Kate is a self-proclaimed bitch who spurns Joe from the start, responding to his harmless incognito alias with outright hostility that goes against their obvious, screaming chemistry. He doesn't trust himself to get close to a woman because they end up dead or hating him (or both), but Kate hides behind arbitrary walls that crumble a little too easily around him. Joe is a gifted actor who has mastered everything.

The decision to split Season 4 is a one-and-done exercise. At the midpoint, this shift frames the remaining five episodes as buildup, while the remaining five as action, climax, and resolution. The whodunit works until it doesn't, which coincides with the season's pivotal moment. Expect more creativity in the back half, and in Season 5.

With only a season and a half left, the question of "You" comes back to life. A character with his varied history will never have a clean slate. Whether it's small acts like offering his son a better life and saving Marienne's, or more elaborate acts like ending the titular "You" itself, anything is possible, especially with Badgley in the driver's seat.

Season 4 of Netflix's "You" is now available for download.