Solution to the Hogwarts Legacy moth tomb puzzle: How to Finish the Helm of Urktot

Solution to the Hogwarts Legacy moth tomb puzzle: How to Finish the Helm of Urktot ...

The Hogwarts Legacy is stuffed with puzzles, both inside of Hogwarts and outside the wizarding world. Many of the answers to these puzzles are not explicitly clear and require the use of your vast arsenal of spells to complete. Such is the case for the Helm of Urktot puzzle.

The Helm of Urktot is a major story quest that takes the player into an underground cavern with the help of several magical moths. Players must unlock various locked doors and fight off swarms of enemies.

Although the puzzle itself is straightforward, the location of the moths necessary to proceed throughout the cave isn't always apparent. Here's what you should do if you're stuck in the dark about this quest.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do you complete the Moth Tomb puzzle?

Players will be presented with a locked door with several moth outlines when entering The Collector's Cave. There is no other method to open this door other than collecting and guiding the moths to their designated location.

Players will need to cast the spell Lumos to collect the moth. Moths will follow the spell's light and automatically fit into the entrance when led to the locked door. After gathering this moth, the door will close and take players to another room.

The first two are located on either side of the room, and players may only add one moth to the door at a time.

The final moth in this room is hidden behind a destructible wall. Players may easily knock the wall down with their Depulso spell and return the final moth to Lumos' lock.

Players will complete a brief combat section before encountering the next moth puzzle in the dungeon. This version will vary somewhat, as players will need to deliver one moth to the structure in the middle of the room. Witches and wizards will then stand atop the nearby elevator to the right and cast Depulso on the center structure.

Players will only need to collect the three moths and lead each to the locked door once more after reaching this moth stage.

Players will need to lead one moth to the center structure and use Depulso to propel themselves upward on the elevator, similar to the previous puzzle, and another empty holster for a moth.

Players must return down to the ground level and go straight to pick up the last moth. Take the moth to the second elevator and once again use Depulso to unlock the locked door. Quickly run to the other side and cast Lumos to solve the last puzzle.