By fishing on a new map, Overwatch 2 players are able to almost ruin the game

By fishing on a new map, Overwatch 2 players are able to almost ruin the game ...

The first new Overwatch 2 control map, the Antarctic Peninsula, has wasted little time establishing itself among players.

Despite its stunning history, its unique features, and meticulously designed gameplay, many players have been captivated with something unrelated to the game's hidden legend, flank routes, and other meticulously crafted features—an interactive fishing hole that spews out fish as players aim into it.

In a recent thread on the Overwatch subreddit, players appeared to be crashing due to them seemingly doing their fishing on a "commercial scale."

Where Blizzard appears to have outdone itself with the new map is that not only does the fishing hole send out fish, but it does so at different rates depending on the degree of attack players are executing.

At least 17 Assault-mode Bastions are seen assembling in a firing circle around the fishing hole, unleashing their no-cooldown rotary cannons for about 50 frame-dropping seconds before the game server decided enough was enough.

One Redditor speculated that nearly 1,000 fish were being dislodged per second.

Another joked, "Now imagine with kirkos ult."

Others referred to the idea as a classic Overwatch glitch in Junkertown, in which Mei players could sabotage lobbies by freezing the bike in the first attack spawn.

It's unclear if this new type of coordination will be replicated in season three, but most PCs would expect it to work.