In Season 2 of Modern Warfare, all new game modes will be introduced

In Season 2 of Modern Warfare, all new game modes will be introduced ...

At this point, Call of Duty players know what to expect from seasonal drops. There will be a new battle pass, new weapons, new maps, and perhaps some balance changes.

In the next season of Modern Warfare 2, a slew of new gameplay modes will be included. And when we say “new,” we mean modes from several previous CoD titles that have just recently entered the series.

When it comes to new modes in MW2, ranking play is just the beginning. It's only fair for Infinity Ward to include several new party modes for casual players and pubstompers alike.

In season 2, here are a few highlights from MW2.

In season two of MW2, all new game modes will be available.

"Operators must avoid the chosen Infected player at all costs," said Activision. "Every survivor eliminated joins the Infected team until none remain or until the five-minute time period elapses." Go into this game mode with friends or make some of your own in the 18-person lobby... Just don't get too attached to those who may wind up joining the infected ranks.

Infected first invaded the bloodstream of CoD players back in MW3 in 2011, and it's returning again for some loud late-night fun.

Gun Game, which is one of three party game modes that will be released in the next season, is a contest of overall firearms skill, according to Activision. "Every ranged elimination awarding a different weapon, while melee eliminations restore your opponent to the 18-weapon rotation. Show off your skills with a variety of weapon categories, then finish the job with a Throwing Knife to win."

Gun Game has been introduced to CoD as an official mode in the highly addictive Wager Match mode. Wagers aren't here, but the mode is reinstated for a lot of classic gameplay moments.

"Grind is Kill," according to Activision, because enemy dog tags are stackable and must be deposited at one of two fixed locations. "Be careful to keep the enemy from getting a ton of tags."

Grind is another MW3 original, returning to the franchise in the new era of coD.

“Your initial Hardcore playlist will feature a mix of traditional modes and the familiar ruleset of the franchise, including decreased health that cannot be replenished outside of Stim shots, as well as a limited HUD,” Activision said. “Whether you prefer a more realistic FPS experience or want a place to hit those Longshots for Platinum Camos, go into Hardcore and be sure to watch your six.”

At the beginning of season two, Tier 1, the current Hardcore mode, will be gone. Hardcore enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the traditional mode is no longer needed.

Drop Zone is a derivative of Hardpoint and sends a Care Package down to occupied Drop Zone areas every 15 seconds, according to Activision. "Perfect for those who want to increase their Killstreak elimination odds or who just enjoy pure chaos, expect this to be among the modes available in weekly Playlist rotations at launch."

Drop Zone is a fantastic game for players who love to throw their bodies at objectives in yet another MW3 mode.

“Can you rack up 20 eliminations in this special Free-for-All party game mode with only Throwing Knives and a pistol with no ammo?” Activision said. “Every Operator gets additional bonuses beginning with Scavenger, which allows for ammo pickups after the first elimination. Like other party game modes, feel free to bring the squad in or make new 'friends' in the lobby.”

This mode, which the name implies, will be released sometime midseason.

For this Free-for-All version, every Operator receives a handgun with one bullet in the chamber, according to Activision. "Each elimination awards an additional bullet, and Operators only have three respawns. Ensure your aim is true and practice good trigger discipline; the Operator who wins the most eliminations."

This option will be available in-season, most likely in March's major midseason update.

Season two of MW2 will be released on February 15.