In Hogwarts Legacy, How to Get Troll Bogeys

In Hogwarts Legacy, How to Get Troll Bogeys ...

Difficult potion and other items that players may craft to aid them along their quest through the wizarding world in Hogwarts Legacy. From Wiggenweld Potions that regenerate health to Liquid Luck that assists in discovering collectibles, potions have a wide array of uses in Hogwarts Legacy.

Troll Bogeys are just one of many ingredients required to create potions in Hogwarts Legacy. This ingredient is particularly important to create Invisibility Potions, which, as the name suggests, temporarily make players invisible.

If you are stuck on a potion that requires Troll Bogeys to complete, here's where you should go.

In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I find Troll Bogeys?

Troll Bogeys will be required to be found and slain by players in Hogwarts Legacy, as they aren't willing to give up any Bogeys willingly. Troll Bogeys have a 100 percent drop rate from hostile troll characters.

Trolls are encountered sporadically throughout the wizarding world, although most will need to be sought out. Troll lairs are visible on the map with a mountain-peak-like emblem, although not all mountains contain troll lairs.

  • Northern parts of Feldcroft
  • Eastern parts of Feldcroft
  • Eastern parts of Poidsear Castle

Troll Bogeys may be purchased directly from sellers in Hogsmeade for a few cents. However, this can be costly if you intend to make multiple invisibility potions.