In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I find or purchase Mallowsweet leaves?

In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I find or purchase Mallowsweet leaves? ...

Hogwarts Legacy has a large variety of ingredients to create various types of potions, each with their own uses and special abilities. While the Edurus potions encase players' skin in stone to increase their protection, Invisibility potions conceal a character from the sight of others.

Mallowsweet is a plant that is still very important to players who wish to complete Merlin Trials, although it isn't used for potions. Across Hogwarts Legacy, players will encounter challenges called Merlin Trials, which test players' proficiency with basic spells.

Players must first locate the challenge's starting point and activate the test with the Mallowsweet herb. If players wish to complete all Merlin Trials, they will certainly need to stock up on the plant.

Hogwarts Legacy's Mallowsweet Location

Players may first find this reagent out in the world as part of the main storyline.

The best place to find more Mallowsweet leaves is the Magic Neep, located in the northern part of Hogsmeade, near the stone bridge. Players can purchase both Mallowsweet and seeds to grow their own.

If you have the 200 Galleons to spare, the seeds are relatively quick and easy to grow yourself. Players will need a planter of any size in the Room of Requirement. Simply interact with the pot and select Mallowsweet to begin growing your own leaves. This planter will begin to grow one Mallowsweet leaf every 10 minutes, giving you a plentiful supply of material.