In Modern Warfare 2, season 2, there will be new multiplayer maps

In Modern Warfare 2, season 2, there will be new multiplayer maps ...

A new Call of Duty season isn't complete until there are some new maps for players to explore.

With season 2, Modern Warfare 2 receives a significant increase on the content side of things, including new weapons, improved ranked play, several new game modes, and more. But what about the maps?

In season 2, CoD is getting resurrected with several new maps, including the new Resurgence map Ashika Island in Warzone 2. Multiplayer is getting four new maps throughout the season, although none of them are completely new to the series at all.

In MW2's season two, here are all of the new locations where CoD players will be fighting.

In Season 2 of MW2, there will be three new multiplayer maps.

Activision claims that this small-to-mid-sized map is designed for fast-paced combat, with three main buildings in a central street area. "One of these is the iconic domed structure, which has a small walkway that gives fantastic views over most of the map's outdoor areas."

The classic Modern Warfare 3 map that was released in 2011 is returning in Call of Duty's next generation. It's already included as a point of interest in Al Mazrah in Warzone 2, but it's now available for play in Core multiplayer modes.

This map will be available in Core modes, as it was one of the few playable ones at the game's launch.

Activision reports that this map encompasses the entire science facility and adjacent cliff sides of Al Mazrah. While a small space for vehicles, tanks, and armored vehicles may be utilized to effectively shield critical choke points, infantry should avoid going across elevated roads unless they can.

This map will be available for play in Ground War and Invasion modes. If you have played Warzone 2 or DMZ, you've probably played on this location before.

“At the same time, those looking for vehicular combat have plenty of runway to use to get around the Battle Map in a quick manner.”

Another slice of Al Mazrah, this is the same playable location as the POI available in Warzone 2 and DMZ.