Pikmin 4's summer release has been confirmed

Pikmin 4's summer release has been confirmed ...

Nintendo unveiled further details regarding the previously-announced Pikmin 4, as well as a July 7 release date. This summer, players will be able to encounter new Pikmin—and non-Pikmin creatures—and avoid dangerous creatures.

The brief gameplay trailer highlighted a few of the quests that players will be able to complete, many of which require the use of familiar Pikmin of various colors to progress. Players will also be able to encounter the new Ice Pikmin, which was shown to be capable of freezing enemies and bodies of water without fear of drowning.

Another gameplay feature that will be introduced to the Pikmin series for the first time is the addition of a canine companion, Oatchi. This two-legged dog allows players to remove large obstacles that prevent them from moving.

Various grotesque boss fights were also shown, requiring players to defeat large clumps of Pikmin of various abilities. Like in Pikmin 3, these bosses all appear to throng over the player and his companions, although the methods for defeating them appear to be more complex.

The trailer concluded with a sneak peek at the game's nighttime state, featuring a Bulborb with a much more menacing appearance than it has seen in previous entries in the Pikmin series. It appeared to be almost possessed, with its eyes randomly growing bright red as it set on a journey toward what viewers can assume to be the player character.

Pikmin 4 will be released on Nintendo Switch on July 7th, and further details are expected as the release date approaches.