In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I find Cache in the Castle treasure?

In Hogwarts Legacy, where can I find Cache in the Castle treasure? ...

While exploring around Hogwarts Legacy, players will discover a slew of quests, secrets, and treasures. Treasure can be found anywhere around the world but is also quite common within the Hogwarts castle itself, which is likely to be why another student named Arthur Plummly has taken notice and wants their help in completing a treasure map.

During the "Cache in the Castle" quest, players will be tasked with deciphering a treasure mao. This is a side quest rather than one that is required to complete the story, thus players may freely select whether or not to complete it.

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In Hogwarts Legacy, you can find a cache in the castle quest guide.

Here's how you can help Arthur Plummly complete his treasure map.

  • Begin this quest by approaching Arthur Plummly. He can be found in The Astronomy Wing section of Hogwarts right outside of Charms class by a poster that has a bunch of charms listed on it.
  • After accepting his quest, players will receive the following map which indicates where they need to go next.
  • To reach this location, head all the way down the first set of stairs until you reach the floor that has a set of enchanted musical instruments that are always playing music.
  • After reaching this floor, continue heading down the set of stairs located here until you find the door that is pictured below.
  • Walk through this door and you’ll find yourself in the courtyard. Immediately turn left and then continue straight past the fountain, then the giant tree, and then walk through another set of doors.
  • Turn right after entering the door and head up the stairs until you come across the portrait that is drawn on the treasure map.
  • Once you have found this portrait, you’ll need to cast the spell that the treasure map tells you to, which is Accio. This will pull on the handle located at the top of the portrait to then reveal a hidden staircase.
  • Open the chest inside to obtain your reward, which will be an Authentic Historian’s Uniform.
  • Return to Arthur Plummly to finish the quest. He will be hanging around in the same area but may be at a slightly different location.

The quest will be successfully completed once players return to Arthur Plummly. Players may customize their new Authentic Historian's Uniform appearance by selecting the change appearance option on a different robe that they own.