Twitter Your daily limit for tweets is over, according to the author

Twitter Your daily limit for tweets is over, according to the author ...

Twitter users have encountered a number of difficulties in the last few weeks, but one of the most frustrating is the 'daily limit,' which keeps people from being able to tweet at all.

What happens, basically, is that when people try to send a tweet, they get an error message stating: "You have reached the daily limit for tweeting," irrespective of how many they've sent.

Here's a quick breakdown of what's really happening.

'You are exceeding the daily limit for tweeting,' said the sender.

Despite what the error claims, it is extremely unlikely that those affected by it have come anywhere close to reaching the daily limit.

Twitter has a daily limit for tweets, but it's set at 2,4000. It's more a feature in place to combat spam bots. It's rare for one user to breach this threshold, let alone the tens of thousands of affected users.

Instead, it appears to be one of several widespread server-side issues that are happening on the platform right now. The precise cause, however, remains unknown, but it would be something the company should address rather than those affected.

Since Elon Musk took over the platform, Twitter users have encountered a few difficulties. Perhaps it's a result of his focus on refining the product to make it profitable.

Either way, the issue should be corrected in due time, but it's proved to be quite frustrating.