How to Fix Twitter Not Sending Tweets

How to Fix Twitter Not Sending Tweets ...

Another day, another challenge for Elon Musk's Twitter. While most people prefer to use Twitter for a variety of jokes, memes, and discussing their thoughts on various topics, most people today prefer to skip it due to the site's widespread malfunction.

When Twitter users attempted to access the platform today, most were met with an error code referring to the “tweet limit” for the day. It is true that there is a daily tweet limit for Twitter when it's normal. However, the limit for most users is in the tens of thousands of tweets.

While some tweets may still be able to get through, there are just as many users who are finding it near-to-no-trying to respond to something on the platform. Here's all we know about what you can do to get you tweeting again.

Troubleshooting tweets not being sent on Twitter

Unfortunately, since the current Twitter issue is a larger one with the whole website, there isn't much that Twitter users can individually do to correct their non-sent tweets. At the moment, they're advised to keep trying until the issue is resolved or they become one of the lucky users who receives their tweets on the platform.

There's a possibility that this is an issue with your own internet connection. Always make sure you're actually connected to the Twitter service. Or you can restart your modem to reintroduce some connectivity solution just in case your connection issues arise.

If and when the Twitter Support account tweets about it, most likely we'll all know that any site-wide issues with Twitter have been resolved. Keep checking in with that account for any relevant updates if you're still having trouble sending out those sweet, sweet tweets.