Blizzard loved this cute Overwatch 2 Kiriko fanart

Blizzard loved this cute Overwatch 2 Kiriko fanart ...

It appears Overwatch 2 will not be faced with a shortage of standout fan art anytime soon.

One fan-made drawing in particular that has begun to attract attention recently seems to have caught the eye of a Blizzard community manager on Reddit.

Rousteinire posted a drawing of popular Overwatch 2 support hero Kiriko on Reddit earlier this week.

Kiriko wears a custom look that appears to include her classic green hair (sans fox mask) and her customary entree—a donut with spirit sprinkles.

Craig Simpson, Blizzard's community manager on the Reddit thread, quickly commented to send Rousteinire their flowers.

Simpson said, "Oh, great, now I am craving for donuts again." "I like the unique outfit and cool line art in this picture!"

“Would make a great phone wallpaper, probably.” another Redditor remarked.

Rousteinire told Dot Esports that they "pursued" to draw Kiriko enjoying her favorite food.

Rousteinire's work may be seen on Reddit, Pixiv, ArtStation, Twitter, and Instagram.

The next customizable Mythic skin up for grabs in season three is Amaterasu Kiriko, which players can earn for a limited time when they reach the final tier of the new premium battle pass in Overwatch 2.

It shouldn't take long before Blizzard begins to honor some amazing fan art of those looks as well.