How to Register for the 2023 Overwatch League Pro-Am West

How to Register for the 2023 Overwatch League Pro-Am West ...

Are you looking to rub shoulders and share server space with the top Overwatch League pros? With OWL "committing to server a wider player base" in 2023 following the free-to-play launch of Overwatch 2, the path to professional has opened up to the community heading into the league's sixth season.

In the West, both Contenders and open qualifier teams will have the chance to compete against OWL teams in the Pro-Am West that will begin the season.

The OW2 tournament will be divided into three stages: The first, a 256-team open-signup Swiss stage for both NA and EMEA, consisting of eight rounds of Swiss stage play composed of first-to-two matches. The second, a 16-team double-elimination bracket featuring the top Swiss stage teams plus select top Contenders teams.

These qualifiers will help fill out the final 20-team Pro-Am West tournament, which will feature round-robin group play that determines an eight-team single-elimination bracket. By the math, six teams from the extensive qualifiers will join the pro teams in the Pro-Am.

Players interested in entering the Pro-Am via the open signups have a long road ahead.

Where can I sign up for the Overwatch League Pro-Am West in 2023?

On the GameBattles website, players may register for either the North American Pro-Am Qualifier or the EMEA Pro-Am Qualifier, as long as they meet the eligibility requirements. Registration for qualifiers closes on Saturday, February 25 at 1.59am CT. You may sign up to get on the waiting list in the event any teams return or are no-shows.

What are the eligibility requirements for the 2023 Overwatch League Pro-Am West?

As per the official rules document, here are the main eligibility requirements for signing up for the 2023 Overwatch League Pro-Am West qualifiers:

  • Must have a and GameBattle account “in good standing” with no violations.
  • Be 13 years of age or older prior to the first day of competition.
  • Must reside in a country that falls under their respective region’s jurisdiction (i.e. Canada, Mexico, and the United States for the NA qualifier)
  • Cannot be a Blizzard employee (or a relative), active or reserve OWL player, or on multiple Pro-Am qualifier rosters.
  • Must follow all rules related to player conduct.

Each team must have a minimum of five members and may have a maximum of eight members.