Should you learn the Unforgivable Curses from Hogwarts Legacy or not?

Should you learn the Unforgivable Curses from Hogwarts Legacy or not? ...

In Hogwarts Legacy, you get to explore the vast open world in which you can meet new people and complete different quests. You get to explore the halls of the magical school, learning new skills and magic by attending different classes.

While some spells will be taught in regular classes, others will require you to engage in side quests with certain companions.

Sebastian Sallow is one of the few Hogwarts Legacy characters, and his questline will introduce different kinds of curses, including Unforgivable ones. Also, progressing in Sebastian's quest line gives you a chance to explore other topics outside of the curriculum.

Should you take lessons on Hogwarts Legacy?

The game does not have a morality system, so players may choose to be evil. So, learning the three Unforgivable Curses is very beneficial in combat. For example, learning the killing curse Avada Kedavra, allows you to defeat enemies almost instantaneously. However, you will need to level up your character to complete missions.

To learn the three Unforgivable Curses, you just need to progress in Sebastian Sallow's quests.

Crucio is the first Unforgivable curse you learn, followed by Imperio, and finally Avada Kedavra, so learn quickly.

While talking with classmates and other students, most interactions you have with the characters will not reflect any evil intention or negative remarks. Instead, you have the choice whether or not you want to be a model student or go down a less traveled route.

Elden Ring's example makes it easier to understand how depraved you may be in Hogwarts Legacy. You may kill merchants and collect their bell bearings to continue to access their shops. In Hogwarts Legacy, spellcasting on merchants and other NPCs has no effect at all. Animals and mythical creatures you encounter in the wild also appear to be affected by these spells.

In Professor Sharp's class, you may choose to steal the Fwooper Feather, but the outcome isn't as harsh. You can lie or hide your actions through the dialogue choices.

Instead of some severe punishment, the Professor simply asks you to be more responsible in Hogwarts Legacy.