Here's a list of the best streamers to watch Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch and YouTube

Here's a list of the best streamers to watch Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch and YouTube ...

As countless streamers venture into the Harry Potter world to experience witchcraft and wizardry in a whole new way, Hogwarts Legacy is trending strong on Twitch and YouTube.

With an average of 97,642 viewers across 1,571 channels, it has been watched for almost 20 million hours on Twitch alone in the first three days since the early access launch on February 7, but many others are still streaming it as they progress.

Here's a list of some of the best on Twitch and YouTube.

AnnieFuchsia is a British actress.

AnnieFuchsia, a popular MMO streamer, was drawn to Hogwarts Legacy and has been streaming it ever since. It's reasonable to assume she'll discover all of its secrets and complete its feats.

Asmongold is a well-known artist.

Asmongold, the uncrowned MMORPG king of Twitch, is no surprise to be releasing Hogwarts Legacy, a critically acclaimed single-player RPG series. Fans can now purchase his hat, robe, and wand as he embarks on a new adventure.

Fuslie is a German slugman who lives in the United States.

Fuslie has kept her followers glued to their seats as she's streamed it for hours on end since it's been released. Like most Harry Potter lovers, she was thrilled to be able to dive into it in a deeper way in the form of a next-gen game.

iShowSpeed is a fast-paced application that allows for a lot of data.

iShowSpeed does not always stream games on his YouTube channel. He's lately expanded into more IRL programming. These are just a few examples of how a talented 18-year-old has made his playthrough extremely loud and enjoyable, as his followers would expect, and he's still working on other games.

Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat, the Streamy Award Streamer of the Year, has made Hogwarts a terrific viewing experience. His personality and flair shine through while playing the game, from silly over-the-top reactions to deadly wand-wielding.


Keffals, a trans streamer and activist who believes "the material harm for playing the game is practically zero," is "seriously considering" streaming it to raise money for the trans community. As one of the biggest games of the year, she believes it would be successful in terms of donations.


MissMikkaa's Hogwarts Legacy streams are a hit, as well as drops, giving viewers an extra incentive to watch her as she progresses through the game. Kill two birds with one stone by watching her streams for entertainment and loot.


MoistCr1tikal, who is the host of an enormous popular YouTube channel that covers major issues and trends in internet culture, is also a brilliant streamer. Rather than just talking about the Hogwarts issues, MoistCr1tikal is also streaming it, which as you'd expect, has already generated numerous belly laughs.


Myth has settled into his new YouTube home nicely, but rather than continuing his trend of streaming battle royales and competitive shooters, he's decided to take a break to stream Hogwarts Legacy. Yet while he's a natural entertainer, his witchcraft and wizardry training has been fantastic so far.


NICKMERCS isn't a name you'd expect to find on a list of the greatest Hogwarts Legacy streamers. But that's why he's on it: the battle-royale king and Apex pro is expanding into new areas, and it's fantastic. More, he's made it as incredible, if not more, as his competitive-focused streams.


xQc considers LIRIK to be one of the best Twitch streamers, and if his Hogwarts Legacy streams are anything to go by, there's some truth to that claim. He's already produced some memorable moments, like removing a training dummy and sending it to the shadow realm.


QTCinderella has been experimenting with so many different technologies in terms of streaming and content, and so have her followers. The game has already been streamed for several hours, but there's still a lot more to enjoy.