In Destiny 2, how do I get the Firmament logo?

In Destiny 2, how do I get the Firmament logo? ...

Destiny 2 offers players an abundance of opportunities to showcase their collections. Whether it's through glowing weapon ornaments, unique shaders, or just emblems, the game allows players to customize most cosmetics with different looks. Emblems may not be as stylish as Exotic ornaments, but they can nonetheless draw the attention of other players.

The Firmament emblem has been added to Destiny 2, showing a minimalistic celestial body against a space backdrop. The celestial body does not appear when in the character menu, but it does appear in other instances.

This rare emblem is only available for a limited time. Here's how to get the Firmament emblem in Destiny 2. While it lasts.

In Destiny 2, where can I find the Firmament emblem?

The Firmament emblem isn't unlocked in-game via regular means; rather, it's tied to Amazon's latest Prime Gaming bundle, which includes the Sunshot hand cannon, the Red Dwarf ornament for Sunshot, the Jötuneer sparrow (in honor of the toaster-shaped Jötunn fusion rifle) and the Seraph Ghost projection.

Upon redeeming the bundle, players will find the Firmament logo along with the rest of Amanda Holliday's items.

If you miss 10 Trials matches with the Twitch extension, go to the Tower Hangar and speak with Amanda Holliday, who offers Twitch-related rewards such as drops from Prime Gaming, occasional Twitch drops, and rewards from some Twitch bonuses, such as Trials XP.

The Firmament's logo may not be available after the Sunshot Exotic bundle leaves the Prime Gaming shelves on March 8, which should be on the same day as Lightfall.