Deck tier list for Ultimate Marvel Snap Series 3

Deck tier list for Ultimate Marvel Snap Series 3 ...

The Marvel Snap cards in series three aren't only the most numerous, but also those players find the most versatile. Depending on what cards they have already acquired, it is possible to create many of the best decks in series three.

It became even simpler to acquire the required cards to complete a deck and begin using them to reach the Infinite rank as a result of the inclusion of the Token Shop.

Below are some of the best decks available from Marvel Snap when players reach series three, or collection level 486. Since at least every forty new cards players receive also include cards from series four, they may too be found here, even if they are not substituted by other choices depending on each player's collection.

Seracle Control

When you have access to series three cards, this is one of the best decks to use. That's because Seracle Control has proven its worth for a long time, and has remained relevant throughout the Marvel Snap meta.

Enchantress is an ideal strategy to respond to decks with powerful Ongoing effects, especially against Devil Dinosaur, Zabu, Patriot, and Iron Man.

The majority of these cards are stunning when played in the final round to surprise the opponent. This is why Sera, which reduces the amount of cards in the hand, is included. Magik can grant an additional turn to play even more cards as needed in order to win the game.

Location Control

One of the greatest deck options when it comes to preventing the opponent from playing freely is those that make it difficult for him.

Storm is played first in a position where the opponent has not yet developed many points. Spider-Man can also be used to halt the enemy from playing in a position for a round, along with Daredevil's ability to inform the opponent's move on turn six.

Another clever strategy is to use cards like Storm and Ebony Maw to make your opponent believe that their victory in these locations is already guaranteed. In the final turns, playing Blue Marvel and Doctor Doom can add up to six points in each location where cards cannot be played normally, causing surprise to the opponent.

Debrii and Mysterio are easy to fill the board with less-powerful cards. In addition, Ant-Man and Mojo are excellent in fully populated areas.

Shuri Zero is a shari zero.

Shuri is one of the greatest Marvel Snap cards right now, and as such, it allows for a powerful and brutal playstyle that, if not swiftly, can lead the player to victory.

The first round should be used to prepare the game for the final rounds. The main objective is to make Shuri double the power of a card that already has a lot of base power, such as Red Skull, Typhoid Mary, Attuma, and She-Hulk. After that, play Taskmaster in a different location, or Arnim Zola to duplicate the destroyed card.

Armor can protect cards from a location, since Shang-Chi is the most common weakness in this deck, while Zero and Sauron can eliminate some unpleasant effects like Typhoid Mary and Red Skull, while Zabu assists Shuri and the other four-cost cards.

Since this deck can win a game with only three cards to gain two locations, it is common to not play many cards in the early turns.

Surfer in the Patriot Flag

Patriot is a very specific but very effective archetype for bolstering abilities. Many of the cards in this deck are not often used in other decks because of that.

Silver Surfer and Sera make it much more difficult for the opponent to know how many points will be in play in the final turn. The main objective is to play as many non-effect cards as possible in the early turns while saving the most impactful cards for the end. If you have Sera in your hand, you may play three cards the next turn between Brood, Patriot, Mystique, and Silver Surfer.

Any combination of these is powerful and will depend on availability.

When Sera is unavailable or Blue Marvel has been played before, it is preferable to always play Patriot and Mystique in separate locations. Silver Surfer must always be played last for its effect to reach the maximum number of cards.

Lockjaw on Reveal

Lockjaw's effect is capable of easily defeating an opponent by surprising them.

The goal of the deck is simple: exploit Lockjaw's potential with low-cost cards in order to attract the most powerful and most powerful ones to the location. The second location can be won depending on which cards are available in the player's hand.

While cards like Magneto can be excellent finishers, Jubilee and Dracula are good approaches to securing a second location.

The playthrough is simple; the most difficult part is deciding when to play which cards, keeping in mind which cards are still in the deck. Also, the order of the cards that are played in Lockjaw is important because of how effects are ordered.