How to Get a Niffler in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Get a Niffler in Hogwarts Legacy ...

While exploring the highlands of Hogwarts Legacy, you will meet several unique characters and magical creatures. You will have to complete quests and learn spells to accomplish these tasks. Start with the Beasts Class taught by Professor Howin.

During your journey, you will encounter various beasts such as the Puffskein, Kneazle, Mooncalf, Thestral, and even Nifflers. These fantastic beasts have a penchant for shiny things, and you can find them at different Niffler dens located at specific locations around the map.

The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom quests provided by Deek unlock the Vivarium in the Room of Requirement, and also give you the Nab Sack. These magical creatures are then brought to the Vivarium later on.

So if you want to catch a Niffler, we have you covered.

In Hogwarts Legacy, where can you find Niffler?

Nifflers are tiny furry magical creatures that are fond of shiny things. These lovable creatures can make quite a stir when searching for their shiny items.

Nifflers may be found at different locations on the map, and you may catch them after getting the Nab Sack. The first Niffler den you will come across is not far from the San Bakar's Tower you visit in the North Ford Bog.

The main quest line must be completed at the Tower, and it's best to unlock the Floo Flames in this area frequently to travel quick here often. You may visit the area after getting the Nab Sack to capture a few Nifflers and bring them back to the Vivarium later.

There is another Niffler den near Hogwarts in the Feldcroft Region. As part of a quest, you will have to go to the Feldcroft Region to meet Sebastian's sister Anne. Make sure to unlock the Floo Flames in this area to get to the other Niffler den. Return to the Room of Requirement and set them free in the Vivarium.

Nifflers and other magical creatures may be fed and taken care of at the Vivarium. Nifflers will give you a magical material called Niffler Fur.

This magical item can be used at the Enchanted Loom to enhance your gear. In Hogwarts Legacy, upgrading your clothes with rare magical materials will boost your character's stats.