What happens when Hogwarts Legacy is played on your PC?

What happens when Hogwarts Legacy is played on your PC? ...

Hogwarts Legacy has been a joy to play for console users, with the game's separate fidelity and performance modes allowing for seamless switching between high-quality visuals and impressive framerates while exploring and fighting. The same cannot be said for PC users, though, because there have been performance issues since the game's early access launch on February 7.

This issue may be anything from random frame rate drops to blurriness during camera movement to loading issues during certain sequences. Thankfully, there have been no major issues unlike the disastrous launch of some games like Cyberpunk 2077, so that is one less thing to worry about. The PC optimization is poor and players are hoping for a fix when the game officially launches on February 10th.

How to Improve Hogwarts Legacy Performance

Hogwarts Legacy performs a system scan on your hardware and provides you with an optimized preset when you first launch the game. This does not, however, resolve all performance issues with the game. There are a few small tweaks you can make to your system to make it run smoothly.

Turn all of your Ray Tracing settings off if your system supports it. This is the first major change you can make because the Ray Tracing features consume a lot of energy on your system. Graphic cards such as Nvidia RTX 3080 and above should not have a lot of problems here, but turning it off will definitely affect your performance.

Second, turning shadows down to the minimum setting and turning off the Motion Blur feature should significantly improve performance. If you still have problems, it would be best to decrease your default settings by one level below what you set your system to (i.e. if it was High, turn it down to Medium).

If all else fails, reduce your resolution settings. This may not be the best option visually, but it certainly beats having the game run with fps drops and stuttering. Besides, with the upscaling feature that Hogwarts Legacy has running by default, it should not look as bad as some of the older games.

These are just a few minor tweaks you may make until we get an optimized patch for the game soon.