Should you take Garreth Weasley's Fwooper feather from Professor Sharps' office?

Should you take Garreth Weasley's Fwooper feather from Professor Sharps' office? ...

You can make friends from different houses in Hogwarts Legacy and take classes to learn different spells. Attending these classes will enable you to receive additional assignments from Professors, which helps you progress quickly in the game.

Professor Sharp directs the Potions class, which is a part of the main quest, where you'll meet Garreth Weasley. After interacting with Professor Sharp, he asks you to retrieve a Fwooper Feather from his office.

Here you have a choice. You can either steal the Fwooper Feather or leave it there in the Professor's office. You may be wondering if your decision at this stage has an influence on the storyline.

In this scenario with Garreth Weasley and Professor Sharp in Hogwarts Legacy, here's what you should do.

Should you take Garreth Weasley's office from Professor Sharp in Hogwarts Legacy?

The outcome of this quest remains the same for both choices, regardless of whether or not you steal the Fwooper Feather. We recommend stealing the Fwooper Feather for Garreth Weasley and then apologizing to Professor Sharp when asked about it.

While you interact with Garret, you may specify whether or not you will steal the Fwooper Feather. If you choose not to steal the item, Garreth tries it out on his own and creates his dangerous potion.

Alternately, you may assure Garreth and steal the Fwooper Feather from Professor Sharp's office. In this instance, you will simply have an additional task in the quest to acquire the feather. Give it to Garreth after you leave Professor Sharp's office.

Should you lie to Professor Sharp's office in Hogwarts Legacy?

Professor Sharp will ask whether or not you stole the Fwooper Feather when the Potion class comes to an end.

Professor Sharp informs you that lying will not affect the outcome of the quest, but he asks you to bear responsibility for your actions going forward. Rather, Professor Sharp praises you for speaking the truth.