In RimWorld, how do I make a killbox?

In RimWorld, how do I make a killbox? ...

Because of the myriad of enemies that will attempt to take control of your ship, or simply raid your base for resources, RimWorld will have you working on defense, perhaps more than your progress in completing the game.

For this reason, you'll need the finest weapon to defend your base—something called a killbox. In this article, we'll discuss what a killbox is and how you can make the best killbox in the game.

What is the definition of a killbox?

A killbox is a boxed-off, locked passageway that serves to corral raiders and expose them to attack from your colonists, or at least slow them down, before reaching your base. Good killboxes allow your colonists to dispatch enemies with ease.

In RimWorld, how do you make killboxes?

First, you'll need to have materials used to construct walls, barricades, and sandbags. Later in the game, you can start out with weaker materials but aim to have the strongest materials, such as Hyperweave, Granite Blocks, and Plasteel, at the killbox. The more colonists you have, the larger your killbox may be.

Consider what weapons your colonists should have. This will determine the depth of your killbox. Because there is no point in constructing a deeper killbox if your colonists' weapons will not strike raiders from afar. Give them two long-ranged weapons for every short-ranged weapon.

Are you ready to build? These are the three main components of a killbox:

  • Bunker – a walled structure providing your colonists cover, protecting from them potential return fire.
  • Entry Labyrinth or funnel – a maze-like corridor designed to funnel raiders to the Killing Field slowly and steadily.
  • Killing Field – a bare plot of land devoid of any covering. This is where the slaughter happens, as your colonists shoot at raiders from relative safety.

Raiders attempting to raid your base for whatever reason enter the killbox through the Labyrinth, arrive at the Killing Fields one at a time, and finish as target practice for your colonists stationed in the Bunker.

Use walls and sandbags made of the finest materials you have at hand to build your Labyrinth. Place sandbags at strategic points so your colonists may shoot passing raiders.

Make the Labyrinth with at least two bends, the last of which should have a small entrance at the end leading to the Killing Field. You may have more bends depending on your materials and the effective range of your colonists' weapons.

Alternately, walls and sandbags should be used with your Bunker. This will allow you to position colonists in a relative safety.

In RimWorld, how do you make effective killbox designs?

You can make basic killboxes for every colony you have in the game once you master the following instructions. You may make them more effective by doing the following:

Killbox designs from RimWorld

Here are a few of the best RimWorld killbox concepts you can try. Some of them are simple and straightforward to execute, but they are effective at different stages in the game.

Tazastical's easy killbox has only two bends, but it allows colonists to shoot raiders with ease before they can enter the Killing Field. There's a mechanism at the top that fools raiders into believing they can enter easily because it's made of granite.

Due to its small size, sergio pang's killbox has an effective killing field. Plus, there's a slew of bullets being thrown in the area where raiders gather. This will require your active participation whenever raids happen, but it's fairly efficient without having to invest a lot of money on entrance labyrinths.

Venom Steak created a simple killbox known as the Square Hole, which is basically that: a square-shaped killbox with traps placed at the entrance path, some walls to scatter those who survive traps, and a killing field where colonists with ranged weapons, EMP grenades, and other weapons can slaughter all kinds of enemies, including mechanoids.

Windflier's simple melee killbox has no bells and whistles, but it's very effective against raiders because of its engineering: The whole perimeter is made of walls, forcing raiders to enter a very narrow path one by one, and at the end of the path are a group of melee weapon-wielding colonists ready to strike anyone who dares enter.

This type of killbox has a long labyrinth, with a lot of sandbags to dispel raiders. At the end of Dave Ferrari's creation, there's a very small opening leading to a field where tourists and a group of colonists armed with guns are waiting to shoot. Outside is a small space where armed colonists can position themselves for the killing.

Killboxes in RimWorld do not have to be impenetrable at the start. What matters is they help you keep your base safe from raids.