How to Get the Octopath Traveler 2 Demo

How to Get the Octopath Traveler 2 Demo ...

Octopath Traveler 2 is a sequel to Square Enix's Octopath Traveler, which has been hailed by gamers throughout the world. Additionally, fans will be able to download a playable demo on their consoles just like its previous installment.

This will allow players to experience the game before they buy, as well as allow them to advance over other players thanks to a useful feature implemented by the developers.

At this point, you're probably wondering how exactly you can get the Octopath Traveler 2 demo, so make sure you read the rest of our article that details the same.

How to Get the Octopath Traveler 2 Demo

Downloading the Octopath Traveler 2 demo isn't rocket science, and it can be completed in a few steps, which you can see below:

  • Turn on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Make your way over to the eShop through the dashboard of the console.
  • Once it has loaded up, you can find the Search icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Search icon.
  • Once the Search Bar appears, type in ‘Octopath Traveler 2’ and search for it.
  • Click on the icon for Octopath Traveler 2 that pops up.
  • Click the Download Demo button once you have entered the store page for the game.

And that's all you need to do to get the game on your Nintendo Switch and ready to play.

Fans who have their Nintendo account connected online may use the Nintendo's website where they may download the demo directly. Players simply need to go to the website and click on the Download Demo button under the game title, after which they should receive a notification on their connected console regarding the download progress.

A lot of players may also be unable to see Octopath Traveler 2 or an option to download the game in the eShop due to the game being just announced at Nintendo's next Direct presentation on February 7, 2023. So, chances are you will just need to wait a day or two for it to become available for download.

The demo will allow players to see the game's first eight playable character's stories in one go. Only one exception to this is the character Osvald, who you will be able to indulge in two initial story chapters.

When Octopath Traveler 2 is released, all of the progress made in the demo will be transferred over to the full game.

Octopath Traveler 2's full version will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows on February 24, 2023.