In League of Legends, who is Milio?

In League of Legends, who is Milio? ...

The League of Legends champion roster hasn't seen any new additions until 2023, but this should change in the coming weeks with the release of Milio.

It remains to be seen when the champion will be released, as shown on the PBE servers. Although he is only a few patches away from making his way to the game.

It's been more than three months since the latest champion, K'Sante, was released. The Pride of Nazumah was introduced to the game on November 2nd, so it's no surprise League players are starting to wonder when the next champion will be released.

If you're one of those, don't worry, we've got you covered. Here's all we know so far about Milio, the upcoming League of Legends champion.

In League of Legends, who is Milio?

Milio is a young male enchanter from Ixtal, but he is said to reveal a different side of the region, contrary to what we know about Qiyana lore.

Milio uses fire magic to heal his foes, according to the filmmakers in the teaser for the 2023 season. These three tiny orange creatures are said to be Milio's key components.

Milio will play what role in League of Legends?

Milio uses fire not to raze cities, but to soothe wounds, according to Lexi "Lexical" Gao, the product director for champions in January. There have been no other announcements about Milio's equipment or abilities, making it difficult to say whether or not he'll be available in other roles.

In League of Legends, when does Milio arrive?

The exact release date for Milio is still unknown. However, looking at the recent teasers, there are a few conclusions.

After Riot shipped the Ahri and Aurelion Sol updates, Milio is expected to be the first new champion in 2023. Since these changes already made their way to the game in Patch 13.3, Milio may make his debut on the PBE servers in the next patch, meaning he might join Summoner's Rift on March 8th.