With a team suggested by AI, a Genshin Impact streamer clears Spiral Abyss, and this is what transpired

With a team suggested by AI, a Genshin Impact streamer clears Spiral Abyss, and this is what transpi ...

ChatGPT is a wonderful resource for gamers seeking different answers on their favorite games; it doesn't always work out.

For Genshin Impact build questions, you'd assume this would be the case. Streamer zy0x today took a test of the bot to verify its knowledge on the topic. The conclusion was quite clear.

He asked the AI to suggest a whole team for the completion of Spiral Abyss' 12th floor—the toughest content in Genshin. He cleared the last floor with two stars out of three, which is surprising considering he built the team following the AI's direction.

The AI mentioned Diluc, Keqing, Mona, and Venti when he asked ChatGPT who were the best main DPS characters in Patch 3.4. This isn't accurate at all, since the four characters have an average pick rate below 12 percent in Spiral Abyss' perfect clearing teams.

The streamer ignored a lot of suggestions the AI provided him in achieving a fairly decent build. For Xiao, it suggested the Crimson Witch of Flames (an artifact) and Halberd (one of the game's most basic weapons). It also suggested the Thundering Fury set for Nahida, a Dendro character.

zy0x chose the AI's best questions and built a team that helped him clear the Spiral Abyss' last floor with a nearly perfect star count. He took a Hyperbloom team with Qiqi as the main DPS, which worked extremely well, with Nahida, Xingqiu, and Raiden Shogun.

Fischl, Venti, and Diona supervised his second team, which he used effectively. With the double Anemo characters, he also used this team well.

This test clarified several points. First, players shouldn't trust ChatGPT to help them build their teams or train up their characters because they'll end up with random and useless strategies. Second, players shouldn't skimp too much on the meta. They can clear the game's content by building a balanced team, even when it includes players who aren't considered "meta."

The most important thing to do is to have fun with the playstyle you choose. Your team's strength will depend more on general balance (including a support and a main DPS, as well as effective element synergy) and gear, meaning increasing talents, weapons, and artifact sets.