Hasan explains why a boycott of Hogwarts Legacy will have an minor impact

Hasan explains why a boycott of Hogwarts Legacy will have an minor impact ...

HasanAbi is weighing in on Hogwarts Legacy once more, this time referring to the game's ongoing boycott and stating why it will not have an impact.

HasanAbi stated that his efforts are futile during his talk on February 8th, because, in the end, they have no power to influence the game's sales or J.K. Rowling in any way. He also cited a few reasons why this is the case.

"The benefit that she [J.K. Rowling] receives from her IP being used in the game is negligible," Hasan said. "If you think that it's going to stop her from gaining prominence, you're also silly. Some things are completely beyond your capabilities."

Hasan stressed that he "completely understands" where people who are boycotting the game come from. "What many do not recognize is, make a better ask."

Hasan said that sadly, they just aren't interested in the boycott, adding: "The terrible and terrifying fact is that people don't give a crap about trans people."

The main reason for the boycott attempts are J.K. Rowling's controversial views about transgender people.

Despite the official release of Hogwarts Legacy being on February 10, tens of thousands of people have already entered the wizarding world thanks to early access. A lot of popular content creators have also been doing so.

Many other streamers and content creators have expressed their opinions on the matter. For example, Asmongold offered a simple suggestion to those who were harassed for playing Hogwarts Legacy: just ban them.

Since the game is reaching new milestones day by day, the number of players in the game is increasing rapidly.