Hogwarts Legacy supporters agree on the game's most impressive feature

Hogwarts Legacy supporters agree on the game's most impressive feature ...

It's impossible to overlook the other because the story of Hogwarts Legacy is set almost 200 years before the events mentioned in the original Harry Potter novel. Avalance Software, the creator of the open-world RPG, did an excellent job of bringing the Hogwarts universe to modern video games, particularly the castle.

The Hogwarts castle has several layers of complexity not only on the outside but especially on the inside. In Hogwarts Legacy, there are many rooms you can explore that are so detailed that even non-Potterheards will want to try the game.

“I’m honestly so impressed,” a Redditor who claimed the castle was the most impressive structure in the game said. “My girlfriend is watching this as I watch. She isn't particularly into games, but she is completely hooked. The amount of care that went into each room is incredible. I guess I need to go through this myself.

What has also impressed Hogwarts Legacy players is that each room looks unique. Avalanche Software may have been a bit choosy when it came to designing and programming, but the designers went the extra mile.

Although most Hogwarts Legacy players are just at the beginning of their campaigns and no one has fully grasped all of the possibilities in the game, several have pointed out they're yet to encounter a door that they can't open inside the Hogwarts castle.

“I’m six hours in and I have yet to find a single door that cannot be opened in the castle, it’s unbelievable,” a Redditor said.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most popular Steam games at the moment and it is still in early access until tomorrow when it will officially launch and tens of thousands of more players will be able to play the game.