Blaire White, a YouTuber, has been sued for slander by Alex Jones

Blaire White, a YouTuber, has been sued for slander by Alex Jones ...

Eli Erlick, a trans writer and academic who announced her intention to sue Blaire White, has taken to Twitter to announce that her defamation complaint has been filed in Federal court two months ago.

White allegedly demonizing and faking members of the trans community (including Erlick herself) and publicly admitting to doing so.

Erlick's complaint (being handled by Cohen & Green) comes as her GoFundMe campaign to make Blaire White 'the next Alex Jones' costs just over $19,000, about one-third of Erlick's $60,000 goal.

White is accused in the first such case against Erlick, who claims to have defamed not only her, but Janae Marie Kroc, Riley J Denni, and other public-facing trans personalities. Erlick expressed his delight at the fact that no one else had taken White to court until this point.

The complaint details an exchange between the pair in August of last year, during which White asked Erlick questions ahead of the release of White's video accusing Erlick of sexual abuse and the delivery of drugs to children. The documents state that Erlick provided White with data indicating the contrary, and that the pair exchanged many emails before White went ahead and published the video.

Blaire White and Alex Jones were compared on YouTube eight months ago, probably as a coincidence.