Who might be killed in Scream VI? Every character's likelihood of making it to the sequel, ranked

Who might be killed in Scream VI? Every character's likelihood of making it to the sequel, ranked ...

With the release of Scream VI, one of the most well-known slasher film franchises is set to get another sequel. The Scream franchise is known for its meta-commentary on the horror genre while containing enough twists and turns to sabotage viewer expectations. Every new entry in the series introduces a new group of characters who end up adding to their pool of victims and, in some cases, killers.

Scream VI transports the remaining actors from the previous film to New York City, only to be hunted by another Ghostface. Let's take a look at everyone's chances of survival.

Samara Weaving – Laura 15.Laura

Samara Weaving plays one of the victims in a fictional film franchise in the Scream universe, although a recent poster (above) reveals that she is Laura. Weaving was the lead actress in the critically acclaimed horror film Ready or Not.

Weaver might not be playing the lead in the film, and might just have a small role as one of the first victims. Or this might be a fake-out and she might be playing the killer. Regardless, Weaver may not be able to make it out of the film alive, even if the film is a "Stab" reboot.

14.Henry Czerny

Henry Czerny, the actor who will play in Scream VI, isn't yet known, so it's difficult to pin down his chances of survival.

Czerny might play one of the new survivors' fathers, a doctor, or a professor. Even if he does survive in Scream VI, it seems unlikely that they would bring him back for a sequel if his role is related to this film's plot, like David Warner's role in Scream 2.

Tony Revolori is a 13-year-old actor who was previously known as Jason.

Tony Revolori isn't known who he'll play in Scream VI, which makes it much harder to pin him down if he will make it into the sequel. He might know him from his role as Flash Thompson in the MCU Spider-Man franchise. In Scream VI, he might be playing a "Stab" character, or he might be a love interest for one of the main characters.

Samara Weaving as Laura appears in the same Scream VI poster as Revolori as Jason. It's unlikely that Jason will make it to the sequel because his role isn't significant enough to warrant it.

Jack Champion - Ethan

Jack Champion's character Ethan in Scream VI is unknown, although you might remember him from Avatar: The Way of Water. He might even be known from a Scream game like Ghostface.

Devyn Nekoda – Anika 11

Devyn Nekoda's character is referred to as Anika in the next Scream VI poster, although we don't know what role she will play in the sequel. Kirby Reed is the exception.

Liana Liberato, Quinn

Quinn, Liana Liberato's main character in Scream VI, is unknowable again. It's very unlikely that she will be one of the first to go. Either way, her chances of making it to the sequel are low.

Dermot Mulroney – Detective Bailey

In Scream VI, Dermot Mulroney will play a police detective named Bailey. The Scream franchise has been stuffed with police officers and detectives, most of whom end up dying at the hands of one of the perpetrators. Just look at Dewey and Judy Hicks in the last film, as well as Hoss and Perkins in Scream 4.

There is also the possibility that the detective will end up being the killer, emulating Scream 3. While Detective Kincaid survived the third film and was not the killer, the group were preparing him to be with a few red herrings. It would be a different story in Scream VI for Detective Bailey to end up being the killer.

Josh Segarra, Danny

Josh Segarra will play Danny, as we can see from the poster for Scream VI. Segarra might be playing one of the love interests in the film, so there is a good possibility that he will return to the sequel. It is more likely, though, that he will be taken out by the end of Scream VI, or that he will be one of Ghostface's unfortunate victims.

Jasmin Savoy Brown – Mindy Meeks-Martin

Mindy Meeks-Martin, played by Jasmin Savoy Brown, has been returning in a number of ways. Her chances of survival in Scream VI are slim. Even though most of the Scream franchise has been filled with last girls, Dewey has been part of the group as well. In the last film, only women could continue to Scream VI.

Kirby, Tara, Gale, Mindy, and Sam are all returning, so the chances are that Mindy's brother Sam will survive, increasing the likelihood that Mindy will die. This theory does not guarantee Mindy's death, as Chad might be the one who dies or they may keep both siblings around for the sequel.

Jenna Ortega – Tara Carpenter

Tara Carpenter's odds of dying are 50/50. She is played by Jenna Ortega, who absolutely exploded in popularity following the release of the hit Netflix series Wednesday. This might bode well for the character, as Ortega fans might be more likely to see Scream VII.

It may also go the other way, and Ortega's charge after Wednesday might prove to be too much for the sequel, as she is certainly in demand. Or she might have wanted out herself. Either way, this one appears to be a coin flip.

Mason Gooding – Chad Meeks-Martin

Mason Gooding plays Mindy's brother Chad. Again, he looks like he will not be one of the victims in Scream VI as he is the only remaining male member of the group from the previous film. Or he might die the same fate as his uncle Randy Meeks in his second appearance. Scream VI, after all, will introduce several other male characters, so maybe one of them will make it to the sequel instead.

Hayden Panettiere - Kirby Reed

Would they tease Kirby Reed in Scream (2021) only to murder her in her return to the franchise? Of course not! Since her role in Scream 4, Kirby has picked up a badge and might then serve as the cop of the group. She will likely make it — and die — in the sequel.

Neve Campbell – Sidney Prescott

Sidney Prescott's chances of dying are very slim in Scream VI, which is the first film in the series to feature Neve Campbell. Therefore, they might pay Campbell more money for a subsequent sequel, but we don't believe she will die in a film she is not in. Instead, they should pay the original Scream final girl a substantial wage to return for a sequel.

Courteney Cox's 2.Gale Weathers

Gale is the only remaining member of the original Scream franchise to be in Scream VI. They may kill Gale in Scream VI to bring back Sidney in Scream VII, but they do not appear to be putting any more ties to the original franchise.

Melissa Barrera – Sam Carpenter

Sam is expected to carry these films as the main final girl from Scream (2022), so she is very unlikely to die. The only way she might die is if Scream VII concentrates on Tara, or if they revert back to Sidney. Both of those are unlikely, though, so we are comfortable marking Sam as safe enough to return for the sequel.

Do you think we got all of these right? Or, do you think Sam might have had her only chance at being the final girl in the last film? When Scream VI enters cinemas on March 10, 2023, everyone's fate will be revealed.