Some actors wed like to see in Yellowstone spin-offs include Matthew McConaughey, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and others

Some actors wed like to see in Yellowstone spin-offs include Matthew McConaughey, Jeffrey Dean Morga ...

Fans were unconcerned about how Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone would soon become a love story with the Dutton family or how close and connected they would soon become with cowboys, ranch hands, and the firey Beth Dutton. However, one person was clear all along, and that's the guy who wrote the book.

There are still many stories to be told, especially with two prequels already in place, and the core series, Yellowstone, which is airing new episodes this summer. He's also contemplating a spin-off for the Dutton family from the 1940s and 1960s.

The Duttons' ranch hands and confidants are equally as important as the core family, and they may be at the heart of future spin-offs such as the 6666 Ranch, where Jefferson White's Jimmy has settled.

It's surprising that the rumor mill is often buzzing with ideas for who might best portray different characters or bring new stories to life. Following a recent announcement that Sheridan is considering joining the larger-than-life television franchise, we began brainstorming for five characters we'd like to see join the larger-than-life.

We'd like to see some of the finest business leaders join the Yellowverse, whether it be as Duttons or as Dutton-adjacent characters. Here are five characters we're keeping an eye on in the future.

Matthew McConaughey is a professional basketball player.

Since the story broke earlier this week, fans were imagining up possibilities for Matthew McConaughey to go into the Dutton realm. It's exciting that he might be on Sheridan's radar for a spin-off.

We discussed possibilities for McConaughey in a spin-off earlier this week, and we're really hoping for a 6666 Ranch character or McConaughey to appear in a prequel set in the 1960s. With the popularity of the Dutton family, nothing is out of the question.

McConaughey would bring a Southern charm, a relaxed personality, and a valuable storytellers voice to a spin-off, and we'd love to see him in any role, but we'd prefer to see him as a Dutton himself or a close confidant of the family.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a law professor at Temple University.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his perfect wife, Hilarie Burton-Morgan, went to the Burns Cowboy Shop to purchase awesome cowboy hats, and fans were ecstatic. It's more about the fact that they're also prepared to enter a new setting, perhaps a new project?

Jeff's tweet was followed by a tweet from his wife, who gave heart to the cowboy in her living room, and she teased that they've got something new in the works. The couple has recently come out with MF Libations straight from their Mischief Farm. Together, the pair have created cocktail recipes for optimally consuming their delicious beverages.

We've always been fascinated by the fact that Taylor Sheridan's Yellowverse is the same shop that fits the hats, and while we're keeping our eyes on it, we're nonetheless considering Jeffrey to join the Dutton family in some capacity.

Jefferson White is a lawyer.

This one is less of a surprise; in fact, we're waiting for confirmation that Jefferson White's Jimmy Hurdstram will be the lead storyteller in the 6666 Ranch's Yellowstone spin-off. It's been a real treat to watch him grow as a person.

After a long day's work, Jimmy has had something to look forward to, and their chemistry is a fan favorite. To see Jimmy progress is something special, you'd want him to be on your team, and you'd like to see more of him.

As of late, Yellowstone has given us glimpses at the 6666 Ranch in various episodes, ultimately preparing us to go back again when Sheridan's next plotline comes to fruition.

Ryan Bingham is a British author.

Walker, played by Ryan Bingham, has been a fan of from the very beginning, and has had a love/hate/hate relationship with him. From wishing he would be the next person to get a one-way ticket to the Dutton train station, he hasn't always been the easiest character to root for. However, there are moments throughout the series when Walker does redeem himself.

Rip Wheeler picks up Jimmy at the Montana State Correctional Facility, and that set the standard for his time as a ranch hand there. Walker is a good ranch hand, and he'd be able to carry out the job required in Texas; plus, we've seen a bond of sorts form between Jimmy and Walker, although unexpected.

Would Walker leave the Yellowstone, or would the Yellowstone allow Walker to go? Those are the questions that must be answered before Bingham departs for a spin-off, but John Dutton has a reason for every decision he makes. If Walker felt Walker would be better suited at the Texas ranch, that's where Walker would go.

Barry Corbin is a professional basketball player.

Barry Corbin is a legend in the entertainment industry and a cowboy in his own right. He's talented and well-acted and brings his unique flair to every film and television series he's been a part of. Many fell in love with Corbin as Coach Whitey Durham in One Tree Hill.

When Jimmy first arrived at the 6666 Ranch, he was already a guest star in the Yellowstone universe as a result of his contributions to the entire western genre. Welch is a well-known figure in the National Cutting Horse Association Riders Hall of Fame and the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame.

It wouldn't be a surprise if Corbin acted in the 6666 Ranch spin-off. We'd like to see him play a bigger role in the spin-off, as a mentor to Jimmy and a character we'll spend more time with.

Here's to the ever-evolving Yellowverse. May the Dutton family rekindle their friendship again this summer, and remember that Yellowstone will return with new episodes this summer. You can also stream 1883 full on Paramount Plus and watch the first five episodes of 1923 on the same platform.