The creator of Ant-Man 3 explains why Kang is a much greater threat than Thanos ever was

The creator of Ant-Man 3 explains why Kang is a much greater threat than Thanos ever was ...

Quantumania, like Ant-Man and the Wasp, is expected in just eight days, and it's all but certain to set the Marvel Cinematic Universe on a completely new path, one that's comparable to the ones we saw at the end of the Infinity Saga, and one where Jonathan Majors might very well assert himself as the new face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Robert Downey Jr.'s departure.

Kang the Conqueror's few clips and trailers are quite as enthralling as we'd expect from an actor of Majors' calibre, which was first used in the first season of Loki when he brought the variant He Who Remains to life. Of course, Kang's more whimsical nature will not be found with him, who already has us worried even more about Thanos' fate.

We can anticipate Kang to pose an unprecedented threat, one that we already assume will far outperform Thanos. But how will he be able to distinguish himself from a next-level big bad?

Quantumania producer Stephen Broussard referred to Kang's sheer impredictability as the main fear factor in an interview with ScreenRant, noting how the many variations will not only find many opponents in Earth's champions, but also with each other.

The Kangs appear to be in a "heightened state," in which they've grown to comprehend the multiverse in a manner that outweighs human knowledge on the subject.

As a result of the above, we may be heading towards the possibility of Kang falling into a rut with himself, then destroying the multiverse as a new reality, perhaps Battleworld, emerges to take its place. Avengers: Secret Wars is a great title for a reason.

Quantumania, Ant-Man and the Wasp, will be released in theaters on February 17th.