The one person who wants to see Disney's animated sequels was missing

The one person who wants to see Disney's animated sequels was missing ...

During Disney's Q1 earnings call yesterday, CEO Bob Iger revealed that three sequels to some of the brand's most lucrative properties are in the works, namely Frozen 3, Zootopia 2, and Toy Story 5.

Although these films are usually successful at the box office due to their reputation, and they're all likely to enthuse their audiences, one has to wonder not only how much energy these IPs have left in the tank, but whether this is the appropriate way to use it in the first place. In the fourth film, there's no indication how Toy Story could conceivably fit in with the tearjerker of an ending.

The Twitter masses have chosen to speak up, urging Disney to instead invest its money in a project that is desperately needed by not only the franchise, but also consumers.

After The Incredibles' sophomore film flopped in comparison to the original, Disney's top family of superheroes would certainly appreciate another look on the big screen; one that would hopefully return them to the trusted status they once had as a result of the first film.

Following the absence of an Incredibles 3 trailer, users appeared to take extra shots at Toy Story 5. With Woody leaving Buzz and the rest of Bonnie's toys at the end of the fourth film, Pixar's flagship franchise will need the mastermind of the century to execute a fifth entry.

The Underminer looking for revenge in Incredibles 3 would have far more stories to tell.

We'll try not to overestimate any experiences we've had with the earlier sequels, but we'll be keeping a close eye on Toy Story 5; if Pixar can make us cry for the sixth time, we'll happily concede.