Pedro Pascal may use seven other video game characters to recreate live action

Pedro Pascal may use seven other video game characters to recreate live action ...

Pedro Pascal has achieved something that only a few actors have managed to pull off — star in a live-action video game adaptation that turns out to be excellent.

Pascal captivated gamers as well as newcomers from HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us from the start — we're still recovering from the final scene from the premiere episode's prologue, which fully depicted the outbreak's day.

Pedro Pascal has indeed captured lightning in a bottle, and we couldn't help but think about other games that the actor from The Last of Us and The Mandalorian might contribute his energy to. Some of these suggestions are funny and fun, but others may actually benefit from Pascal's abilities.

Pedro Pascal may draw seven video game characters to life, without much further explanation.

Metal Gear Solid: The Big Boss

Oscar Isaac has already signed on to play Solid Snake in a Metal Gear Solid film adaptation, which is a clone of Big Boss, so if and when it comes out, and the film's creation is justified, Oscar Isaac should reprise the role. However, Pascal can pull off the iconic camo gear and eye patch as he journeys through Tselinoyarsk.

Red Dead Redemption: John Marston

Pascal's two most prominent roles include being essentially a space cowboy as well as a tragic father figure who would go to any length to protect his family, so the actor who plays John Marston during the original Red Dead Redemption, and not the sequel, fits quite comfortably given the character's journey during the first game. He's brutal when he needs to be, but shows his emotion when it matters.

Spec Ops: The Line by John Lugo

Pedro Pascal would be the perfect fit to portray John Lugo in Spec Ops: The Line. He would add a healthy amount of charisma to Oberyn Martell's Game of Thrones, Din Djarin's The Mandalorian, and Joel's emotional baggage in The Last of Us.

Uncharted: Nathan Drake: Nathan Drake

Pedro has mastered one Naughty Dog franchise, why not another? From the get-go, let's clarify that we're talking about Nathan Drake, who is well-known for playing brooding, cynical characters in Game of Thrones. Tom Holland was a fine, if not an average, casting choice for the lead in the other huge Naughty Dog franchise, but we just couldn't find the story any interesting.

Max Payne is a well-known artist.

Pedro Pascal as a scorned New York cop who goes on the hunt for the people who murdered his family (or whatever part of his saga a studio would adapt) is certainly worth considering.

Alan Wake is a well-known author.

Pedro, a well-known writer who is battling writer's block and who has to go toe to toe with everything supernatural to unravel the mystery? We can already hear the actor delivering Wake's voiceovers and see him shining his torch left and right to keep the evils of the night at bay.

Resident Evil: Chris Redfield

Pedro Pascal is a black guy who seems to be the only prerequisite required to bring life to one of the series' most famous characters, although he does not appear to ever touch B-grade material.