What is Berserker Armor in Berserk, and how does it increase Guts abilities?

What is Berserker Armor in Berserk, and how does it increase Guts abilities? ...

Berserk spoilers are included in the following article.

Even the most experienced warriors need a boost, often in the form of equipment designed to increase their abilities. Berserk's Guts is no exception. Faced with a seemingly endless swarm of ever-stronger foes, the stalwart strongman has no choice but to elevate his power level to face each new obstacle.

The Berserker Armor is a must-have metal weapon for Berserk's protagonist.

The Berserker Armor's history and capabilities

The Berserker Armor, created by dwarf blacksmith Hanarr, has already been worn and used. It was once worn by The Skull Knight back in his demon-slaying days, who later entrusted it to witch Flora for safekeeping. It remains hidden in her house until Guts makes use of it during his battle with Grunbeld, ultimately defeating the powerful apostle aided by its power.

Some items in Berserk are also equipped with supernatural abilities, and The Berserker Armor fits the bill perfectly. This enchantment has been designed to enhance the wearer's darker emotions (such as fear, anger, and hatred) as well as deceive their minds into viewing physical pain as a minor inconvenience in the midst of battle. Ultimately, they're dubbed a "berserker" because of the magical battle rush that's being induced.

It's not all, either. Berserk's metal suit of wonder can also temporarily "fix" severe injuries by realigning broken parts and restoring their functionality. (For example, it can "fix" a broken arm by injecting makeshift "spines" into the broken bones as a substitute.) Perhaps most interestingly, it can allot its current wearer a previous user's final memories in a "blood memory."

The swordsman's "perfect" alignment with The Berserker Armor is demonstrated by the helmet and bevor's transformation into a vicious mouth capable of biting opponents, while the helmet's eye holes emit a crimson glow, and his face becomes partially visible. However, when he remembers himself through the clouds of berserker-induced rage, the redness disappears, revealing his true eyes.

Even for Berserk's seemingly infallible hero, the Berserker Armor should have a warning label, since wearing it can pose serious dangers. Moreover, if the user refuses to control his negative emotions, they may deviate from their capacities, causing them to lose their focus, taste, and hand coordination.

Overexertion is a possible side effect of wearing The Berserker Armor, although it may be necessary to sustain bad injuries and heal a lot of tissue. Here's to hoping that this won't be the fate of Guts in his final battle!