In The Last of Us, what happened to Ellies' mother?

In The Last of Us, what happened to Ellies' mother? ...

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the HBO series and video games The Last of Us.

The Last of Us, HBO's latest series, introduced us to a girl named Ellie. Her identity remains a complete and total mystery, aside from the fact that she is immune to the Cordyceps fungus. In episode two, she told Tess and Joel that she was an orphan, hence why no one will be looking for her outside the Boston Quarantine Zone.

Ellie had a mother, according to pieces of the episode and outside information about the game. Marlene promised that she would take care of Ellie during her absence. So, where was Ellie's mother before the girl's adventures across post-apocalyptic America with Joel?

In The Last of Us, what happened to Ellie's mother?

Anna, Ellie's mother, is a character that was mentioned throughout the The Last of Us franchise and will be played by Ashley Johnson in the HBO series. She doesn't know much about her mother, but those close to her do, so she seeks out information just to see what she's like.

Anna gave birth to Ellie after the initial Cordyceps epidemic; she unfortunately passed away just days after she received her baby. Fortunately, Anna was able to write her daughter a letter, stating that "life is worth living." Sadly, Marlene decided to place baby Ellie in the FEDRA Military School for orphans, and only provided her limited information about her birth parents.

Anna's death is not being known yet, but it was certainly not the Cordyceps. When Marlene and Ellie met again when she was younger, the youngster was given items that once belonged to her mother.

The teaser for Season 1 promised that more information about Ellie's past would be revealed, as well as a brief appearance of Anna. Hopefully, viewers will then learn more about the only known immune character from The Last of Us.

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