Can Bloaters See The Last of Us?

Can Bloaters See The Last of Us? ...

The Infected is a modified fungus that invades a person's brain and kills their humanity to effectively zombify them. Runners, Stalkers, Clickers, Bloaters, and the Rat King are five variations of The Last of Us, which was first shown in HBO's live-action adaptation in 2013.

Here's a complete breakdown of all of the Infected forms, but we'll focus on Bloaters in this instant.

What is the definition of a Bloater?

Bloaters are the fourth stage of Infected, and the second rarest of them all. This allows them to develop extra-thick armor plates, which makes them more resistant to fire and wear out their armor. Only certain methods of killing a Bloater work well.

Can Bloaters see?

Bloaters are often compared to Clickers, who hunt down and ambush their prey, because their entire bodies have been overtaken by the fungus, thus their echolocation is less precise and refined than a Clicker's. In HBO's The Last of Us, a runner can make his debut.