Brie Larson simply can't seem to stop watching this obscure sport on ESPN

Brie Larson simply can't seem to stop watching this obscure sport on ESPN ...

ESPN8: The Ocho, a fictional television station based on Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, was created on August 5, 2022. ESPN2 is the new ESPN8 for the day, covering oddball and seldom-seen sports, and recently, Brie Larson couldn't get enough of the pizza dough-spinning competition that drew the attention.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog, a 2004 film starring Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller, was a smash hit about an average gym owned by Vaughn versus a huge corporate gym owned by Stiller. In the story, ESPN8 broadcasted the sport, which, by the way, isn't just for kids anymore. Men and women sacrifice their limbs and faces on actual channels once in a while, when those channels aren't televising cornhole.

ESPN2 was dubbed the "Deuce" for the film, and in 2004, a real dodgeball match would appear on any ESPN channel, ranging from lawn mower racing to putt-putt championships to cherry pit spitting.

ESPN8 isn't on any television lineup for the time being. However, that doesn't stop it from appearing real when it was on ESPN 2 for that one day in August of last year.

After a nice piece about chess boxing, Vaughn and the team's success in the dodgeball competition were featured in OSQ, which also had a nice shot of them holding a check for the cover.

Crossing over from the obscure sport Larson can't seem to stop watching to a Shaggy reference isn't that big of a leap.

At first, not everyone will fully comprehend the whole picture.

A reference to the human-sized shuffleboard game was bound to come up.

The fact that these events exist gives hope that everyone may be an athlete, as long as they have the ability to throw a bean bag, tune a lawn mower engine, or perfect the art of spinning pizza dough.