How To Solve The Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle

How To Solve The Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle ...

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can explore a vast open world with quests, secrets, and puzzles to complete, such as the Merlin Trials. One of these puzzles is located in Hogwarts in the Bell Tower. You will need to find two bells to return to the Bell Tower in Hogwarts Legacy.

Bell Tower Puzzle and Walkthrough for Hogwarts Legacy

The Bell Tower is located in the Hogwarts' Bell Tower Wing. The Bell Tower puzzle is linked to the All's Well That Ends Bell side quest, but it can be completed anytime. This spell allows you to control floating objects while Levioso and Accio. However, the task is much more difficult.

Use Revelio to highlight the first Owl Bell next to the steps, this Bell is difficult to miss. Use Wingardium Leviosa and take the Bell to the next level, which contains the eight bells that are hanging where two are missing. Place the Bell in the lower rung.

The Second Owl Bell is located above the eight Bells. Go up the steps and cast Revelio; on the opposite wall, you will see the Owl Bell hanging on a rafter. Repeat the process of moving the Bell into its current position on the top rung of Bells. They will repeat the process of resolving the puzzle.

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