Release Date, Platforms, Trailer, and More!

Release Date, Platforms, Trailer, and More! ...

In Decapolice, you play as a rookie detective Harvard, who must track down criminals and solve cases in two worlds. This RPG has a huge open world for you to explore as you solve puzzles and uncover hidden secrets.

Everything we know about Decapolice is here.

Decapolice follows rookie detective Harvard as he works both in the real world and virtual reality. In a crime-infested city, you must master Harvard's detective skills and use your wits to uncover the truth.

Decapolice's release date is when will it be released?

Decapolice has no official release date outside of 2023. You can follow the official Level5 Twitter for further information and updates on Decapolice.

Decapolice will be on what platforms?

Decapolice was announced during the Nintendo Direct in February 2023, but it will be released on other consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. Here are all of the platforms you may play Decapolice on.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5

Is Decapolice a RPG?

Decapolice appears to be a JRPG, although we don't know much about it. Level-5 is well-known in this area, and we don't doubt it will deliver on gameplay. Decapolice appears to include turn-based combat with a hint of real-time decision-making and a vast open world to explore.

Trailer for Decapolice

On February 2023, Decapolice was unveiled at the Nintendo Direct. You may watch the first look at the game on the LEVEL5ch YouTube Channel.

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