Evade Codes (February 2023) Free Cosmetics!

Evade Codes (February 2023) Free Cosmetics! ...

In Evade, your objective is to stay alive as long as possible from the deadly bots and earn cash used to purchase essential survival items. Survive each round and complete daily missions to earn special points to use in your game.

With in-game codes, you may also earn additional exciting rewards. Developers provide codes for players to redeem free essential items that help them get a jump start in their gaming journey.

Use our help files for tips and tricks, such as How to Get All badges in Evade, How to Emote in Evade, How to Get Cash and XP Quick in Evade, or All controls in Evade.

All Evade Codes (2022)

Here's a look at all the working Evade codes.

  • NewYears2023—Redeem for a New Year Cosmetic (New)
  • HolidayUpdateFix—Redeem for 2k Tokens
  • HolidayUpdateFixEXP—Redeem for 300 XP
  • therealdeal—Redeem for a free Bird Badge cosmetic!
  • 1bill—Redeem for a free 1B Celebration cosmetic!

These Evade codes are no longer valid.

  • Evade1K

Evade FAQ

Below is all you need to know about Evade codes.

What is the best way to redeem Evade codes?

Evade codes are a quick and simple process.

Where can you obtain additional Evade codes?

Developers typically give out codes during an update, event, or when a goal is met, such as a certain number of likes. Alternatively, you may have to follow them on their Twitter, Hexagon Development Community, or Discord, Evade, to keep up with developments.

Your codes may be incorrect for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that they have already expired. Codes may expire with little to no warning, but please let us know if there is a bug. We will do our best to correct it as soon as possible.

When entering codes, it's also important to double-check your spelling. They're almost always case-sensitive, meaning the slightest typo might make them appear invalid. Make sure you're entering them exactly as shown in the list above, or copy and paste to avoid any problems.

What is Evade?

Evade is a thrilling horror chase game on Roblox that is jokingly funny. Killing you with your fingers, attempting to murder you, and then chasing away other players. You can earn cash and other points by purchasing useful items such as detectors, traps, and character cosmetics that you can customize during the match.

Daily Missions are interactive missions that you may complete while playing rounds to earn points. This currency allows you to purchase unique items only found in the Daily Shop menu. You can see your list of Daily Missions on the main menu on the right of your screen, indicating how many points you will earn for doing them.

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