Is DualSense a PC feature in Hogwarts Legacy?

Is DualSense a PC feature in Hogwarts Legacy? ...

Are you playing Hogwarts Legacy on PC and wondering whether or not plugging in your PS controller for DualSense is worth your time? Are you wondering if DualSense will support its unique feedback features if you're on PC? If so, you've come to the right place.

Is DualSense supported for the PC version of Hogwarts Legacy?

For the lack of better words, we'd like DualSense to be supported on PC. The answer to this question is a clear no. Mostly, Sony makes no attempt to instill one of their main features outside of a PlayStation. So, unfortunately, you'll need to purchase a Playstation 5 to enjoy this powerful feature.

DualSense for Hogwarts Legacy allows players to perceive and counter hostile spells as well as other game mechanics. Fortunately, Hogwarts Legacy supports a number of gameplay and accessibility options that give you proper gameplay feedback. However, please understand that DualSense is not required for completion.

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